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Solemn Tuesday Nights


These are the tools of our escape on a tormented Tuesday


You could always judge, or empathize

But i will always synthesize

and exercise

Our truth is that you can never truly understand.

And we require your respect, because if you understand

then you can respect how unique the perspective

of another living thing is…

I mean, our school doesn’t care

The government doesn’t care,

that’s why our tools of choice this night are legal.

We’re legally killing ourselves ,

while we’re legally, simultaneously

being slow poisoned by stress.

The very O2 particles in the room

floating around in a sombre mood.

Too buzzed to want to move

Plus its still tuesday so we have school

In the morning .

Oh the assignments, the responsibilities.

Let’s not even get into how our day was

Let’s get into this vodka,

Let’s forGET.


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