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Lawless Lawmen; Another ludicrous story.

Pain is probably the most destabilizing frequency to that of happiness. The transition is a complete disturbance. It is movement from a completely free state to a completely strained one. Body tenses, breathing becomes labored, eyes become distant. The eyes are a telling tale, this person is not here in this present moment, they are existing in a very unfortunate time space where both do not correspond. More simply, they physically exist in this space, but the consciousness has been captivated by a moment that has passed. That is what I saw on this woman as she told her tale, she was not here with me and that made me sad.
But rightfully so. This woman had been put through trauma, attacked by vicious mongrels. Criminals posing as law men, raiding this woman’s peaceful abode, disrupting the abundant energies that she had cultivated for herself. Police officers? More like untrained, left brained, garden variety thugs. The sick part is, most of them enter the system as one thing, desperate. Put a little money in their pocket, just enough to keep them from seeing the real target of their frustration, a gun in their hand, and the idea, that they can do whatever they want as long as they don’t get caught. I mean what really happened to the investigative initiative, the trained eye, the sense of justice, can we at least get that? No? Shit. These particular ones had come on a hint, that this poor lady’s nephew who owed them some money, lived there. But he didn’t, and their first barbaric instinct was to exact their warped justice by taking the woman’s appliance. How fiendish, I failed to see the logic or fairness in that. These men barged into this woman’s home, guns out searching the place without a warrant, threatening to shoot her dog, and ended up taking her refrigerator and her washing machine(which had clothed being washed, don’t forget that). This was completely ridiculous , I was disgusted, Irate. What the fuck is wrong with the police? Is this where things have gotten, that these men and women, have the ability to come into our houses and threaten , do and take what they like and leave without a consequence? That doesn’t make me feel safe at all, in fact these people aren’t my friends, if anything, I need to be protecting myself. I want the right bear arms, since the government is clearly arming people. The whole country going be armed, except me? I don’t quite like that idea. I’m very disturbed.
They had clearly disturbed this woman’s energies, and where I was used to seeing bright, present eyes, there was nothing but pain. These men cannot reason things out critically, they are unfit for the titles, just as those sanctioning the poor training are unfit to lead. This martial office needs to be thoroughly investigated, and I urge we all get with the program quick. Even though they might say, they are the ones standing between you and the hungry gunman, who is standing between you and them. If your answer is no one, then we have a problem.


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