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Little Chat About World Cup 2014

Wah Gwaan…?

After setting aside some very valuable and perhaps otherwise more fruitful time, to truly consider my opinion of the world cup, I’ve realized why I feel the way I do. Let me first state that, I do not harbor any real hate of the world cup for radical views. Point blankly I find myself uninterested in the happenings or overall outcome of this football contest. There was a time when I enjoyed it when it did afford me certain simple joys as a boy. However in 2014, I find it is simply too difficult to relate to the people involved. Most of these people are players, some are officials, either way stakeholders from that angle are all acting in a professional capacity. These players’ pay checks are outstanding, quite simply, Dem arite. Mi proud a Dem. I think it’s a great competition really and I have nothing against ones enjoying it thoroughly, I don’t pretend that this is a reality that  is going anywhere. I just find it easier to connect with the thousands of people evicted from the favellas just for the construction of the world cup facilities. Forgive me if you will, I have a problem with the abuse of minorities. Yeah world cup is wonderful, big up yuhself FIFA, but I feel more appeased donating that much vigorous energy to causes that are a bit less conflicted. Sure the internet might want to cram its opinion down my throat, and I’m not fighting that, hey if a man wants to dress his wounds with salt then what can I do? I just know I nuh deh pon dat, and I nuh deh pon di world cup. Thats where it is right now.

On another note click here for a short article detailing some of the activities of the art intervention project Paint Jamaica of which I am member. Please show some support however possible, this is a great movement that has been necessary for a while now.





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