Blog Post #48: Reasons you Cant 9-5 a Creative Mind {Rant}

Blog Post #48: Reasons you Cant 9-5 a Creative Mind {Rant}

This is a subject that has been bubbling inside me for a couple months now that I have purposely tried to avoid, but to no avail. There is a place for understanding and there is a place for speaking for your rights. Rights we a talk bout now, from a strictly opinionated perspective. Is my […]

UTech Tuition Freeze, sounds like hell at zero degrees(Impossible?)

I discovered a particularly interesting story on my timeline this morning and it made for quite the interesting ordeal. It was a post made by the UTech Student’s Union facebook page. The post was a link to an article, essentially asking the students if they would like to see UTech administration undertake a similar venture […]

Emancipation Day, or Sedation Day? A pill we a get?

Emancipation Day Celebrations are lost on this country. This is my ultimate sentiment toward this day. And this might strike bewilderment into the consciousness of the reader. Disrespectful, Ungrateful, Rash, all these words might seem an appropriate set to describe my statement. But let us analyze the idea of emancipation day fora bit. We all […]