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Little Chat About World Cup 2014

Wah Gwaan…? After setting aside some very valuable and perhaps otherwise more fruitful time, to truly consider my opinion of the world cup, I’ve realized why I feel the way I do. Let me first state that, I do not harbor any real hate of the world cup for radical views. Point blankly I find myself uninterested in […]

Do we truly understand the Viral Potential of Facebook?

Facebook is easily being called the “third largest country in the world”. With such a huge demography, do we truly understand the reach we can access through our posts? This is Henrikson. J (2011, August 30), The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic, Retrieved 2013, March 15 . It has a number of very interesting […]

Do you feel controlled, why’re you on the internet?

Considering these things…. Can you safely say that there is no behavior you display which may be controlled by the things you do daily, like facebook? I mean really i can already say yes. What else about us is being controlled by media. Could we all be programmed to operate and process things the way […]