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Paint Jamaica; The Crusade Continues

A surreal feeling creeps over me whenever I pull myself away and observe this project from a uninvolved perspective. With that said, I find that even being a part of Paint Jamaica since inception has done little to cushion the mystifying effect that it has on the Jamaican reality so far. It is a first for […]

Little Chat About World Cup 2014

Wah Gwaan…? After setting aside some very valuable and perhaps otherwise more fruitful time, to truly consider my opinion of the world cup, I’ve realized why I feel the way I do. Let me first state that, I do not harbor any real hate of the world cup for radical views. Point blankly I find myself uninterested in […]

The Shift And The “Unruly”

The Shift And The “Unruly”

Time is a hell of a thing, and coincidentally because the times are changing, the world including this country is running out of time. Running out of time to control what is happening. What is happening is a shift, some may say it is the cosmos which are aligning, it may just be that people have become […]

Wrath of God

I read a book recently that expressed a symbolism that stays with me because of its accuracy. Dutty Bookman in his memoir, “Tried and True” , described a dream that he had and an analysis of said dream. It was of baby boys being born with oversized penises, and the analysis further clarified that it was this […]

Tried and True Review

The biographical work Tried and True, published September 2011, launched November 2011, written by Gavin Hutchinson, more fondly known as Dutty Bookman is a recount of his journeys. After graduating Campion College in Jamaica, Dutty being pressed by his parents went abroad to pursue tertiary education in the field of rocket science. Subsequent shifts in […]

Things that matter : Conversations with the Self

If you had a conversation with one of the many interesting minds of today, it would create, as science calls it, a complex relay of electrical impulses in your brain to cause a shift of the levers in your mind, whether it be consciously or unconsciously. It does something to you, whether you realize it […]

What gives you the right, to not be great?(This one is for the creatives)

My readings recently brought me upon a word, that caused a shift and change in my ever evolving perception of life. The word, Co-creator, the context being, the almighty God as the creator, and us humans as the Co-creators. Pause. Roll around in it, let it seep into you. Welcome back. Now, a point to […]