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The Paint Jamaica Excursions; Signs and Symbols in the Inner Cities

The Paint Jamaica Excursions; Signs and Symbols in the Inner Cities

Today was the first painting session of the Paint Jamaica project. One of many excursions undertaken by the paint Jamaica team, each one revealing a wealth of enlightenment about the ghettos of Jamaica and perhaps by extension of the world. This place revealed itself to be nothing like the common conception of it, and this […]

Wrath of God

I read a book recently that expressed a symbolism that stays with me because of its accuracy.¬†Dutty¬†Bookman in his memoir, “Tried and True” , described a dream that he had and an analysis of said dream. It was of baby boys being born with oversized penises, and the analysis further clarified that it was this […]

Lawless Lawmen; Another ludicrous story.

Pain is probably the most destabilizing frequency to that of happiness. The transition is a complete disturbance. It is movement from a completely free state to a completely strained one. Body tenses, breathing becomes labored, eyes become distant. The eyes are a telling tale, this person is not here in this present moment, they are […]

What gives you the right, to not be great?(This one is for the creatives)

My readings recently brought me upon a word, that caused a shift and change in my ever evolving perception of life. The word, Co-creator, the context being, the almighty God as the creator, and us humans as the Co-creators. Pause. Roll around in it, let it seep into you. Welcome back. Now, a point to […]

Writing in Jamaica? Foolish?

As a child there were very rare occasions when i disclosed my dream to become a writer, where i was not told it wouldn’t work in this country. Even now, I feel like i’m following breadcrumbs in the forest like hansel. In general not alot of people like to read. In Jamaica, well you can […]