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Lawless Lawmen; Another ludicrous story.

Pain is probably the most destabilizing frequency to that of happiness. The transition is a complete disturbance. It is movement from a completely free state to a completely strained one. Body tenses, breathing becomes labored, eyes become distant. The eyes are a telling tale, this person is not here in this present moment, they are […]

Tried and True Review

The biographical work Tried and True, published September 2011, launched November 2011, written by Gavin Hutchinson, more fondly known as Dutty Bookman is a recount of his journeys. After graduating Campion College in Jamaica, Dutty being pressed by his parents went abroad to pursue tertiary education in the field of rocket science. Subsequent shifts in […]

Mysterious Mistress

  I have visions    Of someone   Blue flashes   Green flashes   She flashes   Her light   And then puts it out   Like a master does his dog at nights   Her hair like wings   Elevating the crown of her head The seat of the soul Like a spaceship Pineal […]

Solemn Tuesday Nights

These are the tools of our escape on a tormented Tuesday Night You could always judge, or empathize But i will always synthesize and exercise Our truth is that you can never truly understand. And we require your respect, because if you understand then you can respect how unique the perspective of another living thing is… I […]