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Lawless Lawmen; Another ludicrous story.

Pain is probably the most destabilizing frequency to that of happiness. The transition is a complete disturbance. It is movement from a completely free state to a completely strained one. Body tenses, breathing becomes labored, eyes become distant. The eyes are a telling tale, this person is not here in this present moment, they are […]

Tax Madness; this is our fault

Sitting on this plastic throne under an open night sky, Prime Time News in the background, my mind drifts. The opposition minister bickering, I laugh to myself, he has some good points. Makes me wonder if he would be as critical were his party in power. The tax axe, that’s what the reporter calls it. I […]

The Sky is falling! Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Conspiracy Theorist.

What i want to know is, who represents my interest, Who do i count on to have my sentiments represented efficiently. As often as i ask myself this question, that’s how often i come to the realization that there is no one. I as a Jamaican citizen, as a university student, or even as a […]