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The Paint Jamaica Excursions; Signs and Symbols in the Inner Cities

The Paint Jamaica Excursions; Signs and Symbols in the Inner Cities

Today was the first painting session of the Paint Jamaica project. One of many excursions undertaken by the paint Jamaica team, each one revealing a wealth of enlightenment about the ghettos of Jamaica and perhaps by extension of the world. This place revealed itself to be nothing like the common conception of it, and this […]

The Shift And The “Unruly”

The Shift And The “Unruly”

Time is a hell of a thing, and coincidentally because the times are changing, the world including this country is running out of time. Running out of time to control what is happening. What is happening is a shift, some may say it is the cosmos which are aligning, it may just be that people have become […]

Lawless Lawmen; Another ludicrous story.

Pain is probably the most destabilizing frequency to that of happiness. The transition is a complete disturbance. It is movement from a completely free state to a completely strained one. Body tenses, breathing becomes labored, eyes become distant. The eyes are a telling tale, this person is not here in this present moment, they are […]

A New World

There is something very powerful in the notion of taking hold and control over one’s own life. It is this power that lurks around our corners, the tips of our rainbows, our darkest days and the edges of the rising sun. Of late I am becoming delightfully aware of a call, a knock on our […]

Our Man in Mona: A Conversation between Robert A. Hill and Annie Paul

This is a very detailed and informative post of  the conversations between Robert A. Hill and Annie Paul regarding the Rastafari report and  issues surrounding it’s authenticity. It contains information, I believe every Jamaican should seek to make themselves privy to and comes highly recommended by this humble scribe. A great post by Annie Paul […]


    How many of know the true meaning of revolt? All of us? Good. How many of us know the true purpose of revolt? It came about as a tool to ensure social equity. These mechanisms are to be used to thwart nepotistic systems. But, alot of us don’t fully endorse our rights to […]