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The Paint Jamaica Excursions; Signs and Symbols in the Inner Cities

The Paint Jamaica Excursions; Signs and Symbols in the Inner Cities

Today was the first painting session of the Paint Jamaica project. One of many excursions undertaken by the paint Jamaica team, each one revealing a wealth of enlightenment about the ghettos of Jamaica and perhaps by extension of the world. This place revealed itself to be nothing like the common conception of it, and this […]

Wrath of God

I read a book recently that expressed a symbolism that stays with me because of its accuracy. Dutty Bookman in his memoir, “Tried and True” , described a dream that he had and an analysis of said dream. It was of baby boys being born with oversized penises, and the analysis further clarified that it was this […]

Tax Madness; this is our fault

Sitting on this plastic throne under an open night sky, Prime Time News in the background, my mind drifts. The opposition minister bickering, I laugh to myself, he has some good points. Makes me wonder if he would be as critical were his party in power. The tax axe, that’s what the reporter calls it. I […]

What’s really Real?

I find a slightly mad comfort lately in asking myself “what is real?”, a question posed to me by a friend of mine, Julian “King Biggs” Morrison, in a recent conversation. I suppose that is what is so exciting about the times we are living in. Society’s definitions of real are slowly being broken down […]

Sheri and Castro; A conversation about Communism and Jamaica {Part 1}

I have always maintained that travelling is one of the most beautiful ways of expanding the human consciousness. It wasn’t up until recently though that I got a glimpse of a more practical insight into the subject while talking to a friend.She was describing to me, a very recent visit she made to our Caribbean […]

Taxi tales

Earlier today on my way to school, I had an experience, not an extraordinary one. No, it was very ordinary, and that is what perturbed me. As I sat in deep thought staring out the taxi window, for a moment I was distracted as my attention was pulled to the conversation taking place in the […]