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The Paint Jamaica Excursions; Signs and Symbols in the Inner Cities

The Paint Jamaica Excursions; Signs and Symbols in the Inner Cities

Today was the first painting session of the Paint Jamaica project. One of many excursions undertaken by the paint Jamaica team, each one revealing a wealth of enlightenment about the ghettos of Jamaica and perhaps by extension of the world. This place revealed itself to be nothing like the common conception of it, and this […]

What’s really Real?

I find a slightly mad comfort lately in asking myself “what is real?”, a question posed to me by a friend of mine, Julian “King Biggs” Morrison, in a recent conversation. I suppose that is what is so exciting about the times we are living in. Society’s definitions of real are slowly being broken down […]

Tried and True Review

The biographical work Tried and True, published September 2011, launched November 2011, written by Gavin Hutchinson, more fondly known as Dutty Bookman is a recount of his journeys. After graduating Campion College in Jamaica, Dutty being pressed by his parents went abroad to pursue tertiary education in the field of rocket science. Subsequent shifts in […]

Making Spirals out of Squares

When I think to myself lately alot of the things that I thought mattered, truly doesn’t, for example the idea of being a writer. I think in my search to find my purpose or my contribution to humankind, I probably developed an obsession with the title of writer because of the fact that it was […]

Consumerism vs Spirituality

The topic was suggested to me by a friend of mine and upon hearing it, thought it to be an immensely interesting topic and decided to write on it. Consumerism is a general term with different contexts and therefore slightly different meanings. In this context however, it refers to the materialistic lifestyle, concerned with the […]

Now what?

After establishing that we are conditioned, where do we go from there if we truly seek truth? Mystics and spiritual leaders around the world postulate that the purest form of truth within one’s self is the “I am” . Which is essentially, existence in its most disassociated form. No bias, no roles, not even physical […]