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Wrath of God

I read a book recently that expressed a symbolism that stays with me because of its accuracy. Dutty Bookman in his memoir, “Tried and True” , described a dream that he had and an analysis of said dream. It was of baby boys being born with oversized penises, and the analysis further clarified that it was this […]

Blog Post #48: Reasons you Cant 9-5 a Creative Mind {Rant}

Blog Post #48: Reasons you Cant 9-5 a Creative Mind {Rant}

This is a subject that has been bubbling inside me for a couple months now that I have purposely tried to avoid, but to no avail. There is a place for understanding and there is a place for speaking for your rights. Rights we a talk bout now, from a strictly opinionated perspective. Is my […]

The System has failed us, says the Youth. Now what?

This is an issue that I find causing quite the ruckus inside my noggin of late. It’s been somewhat of a touchy subject being that I am counted among the demography for which I find myself representing in this post. I’ve always tried to ensure that I take inside out perspectives regarding issues in which […]

Lost Generation?

  The programming embedded in people these days,leave them empty and wanting. They’re all just searching, and it leaves them vulnerable because they don’t know who they are. The evidence is compelling, our women are hating themselves far too much because they want to feel wanted and they don’t. The media and the system tells […]