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My name is Gladstone Taylor and I would first like to introduce myself to you as a creative. It is from this that other roles like ; Youth advocate, Pan African, Renaissance man, Revolutionary, Author, Black Liberal, and aspiring Mogul stem. Asceticism is  one of the words used to describe the lifelong search that has driven me throughout my constant evolution. This search has, over a rather frustrating period, led me painstakingly face to face, time and again with the horrors of the injustice and atrocities that plague my home island Jamaica. The over a century old system and mode of operations that preside over this country have been tried and found lacking in my eyes. Thus, as many a wise men have said in times past, I am being the change that I want to see, a change that I believe will come from us, the youth. With change toward a better world as my mandate, I endeavor to use my many talents in, Writing, Event planning, Networking, copywriting and jack of all trades, to supply a burning fuel to the revolutionary spirit and movements that have identical mandates. One such movement of note, is the African Cultural Renaissance Movement, which I have been apart of for two years and counting and now serve as the President. This movement is primarily focused on “Upliftment through education” as the motto suggests. I am always working on a project or an idea, as my mind creates them, however I do freelance work and can be contacted for such bookings.


Contact information

Email: gladjournalism@gmail.com
Twitter: @gladstone_t
Google+ : Gladstone Taylor (gladjournalism@gmail.com)
Facebook: Gladstone Taylor


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