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The Shift And The “Unruly”


Time is a hell of a thing, and coincidentally because the times are changing, the world including this country is running out of time. Running out of time to control what is happening. What is happening is a shift, some may say it is the cosmos which are aligning, it may just be that people have become tired of the existing narratives of this paradigm. One thing is certain, there is a new energy moving throughout the world and its people. Its quite a grand spectacle whenever I envision it. The youth of the nation staging a coup against the powers that be, overthrowing the monarchies and ushering a new regime. It may never become quite physical and because of that they might never really see it coming until they choose to accept the power and vitality of the energy that is sweeping the earth. I consider that I never imagine things more grand than they are, which brings us to seething question  in your mind. Is this man over exaggerating and unnecessarily sensationalizing a couple coincidental events to a far greater extent than it actually exist? No.

This shift is occurring regardless of how comfortable you are with it, this is not a battle of physical strength or even intelligence, it is not the young verses the old, it is a battle of the energies. A new, more capable energy sinking its teeth into an old dying paradigm.


While this shift is taking place there are aspects that still find it difficult to get the next foot in the door. People are trying to redefine themselves through their own lens. Nobody wants to be labeled or branded. In much the same way for the longest time, a large portion of our Jamaican society has, failed to accept the birth of a new energy in its own rite, Dancehall music. Take for example local DJ Popcaan, the unruly poster child for dancehall. His music may never be appreciated by some as true art, but this man is in fact an artiste. He is a skillful rhymer who has, for the greater part of his years keenly observed a culture that is stained by male bravado and has had to, not only come to grips with his reality but also carve a space for himself within it. I find that the number one negative criticism about this recording artiste is how dark and negative some of his songs may sound, and that is a typical of dancehall music, though not all bad. These artistes are expressing in a contextualized way, what they have seen all their lives. Yes it may sound raw and gritty, but have we forgotten that this is the very identity of art itself, the rebellious child of society. So if this artiste who is of sound mind, says he is “Unruly” , I am more inclined to try and understand why and accept that this might actually be his message. I suspect this may even be a bigger reason as to why these kinds of art aren’t favored, because they speak of the wrongs in a structure, though in a very menacing way, but the purpose is to force one to really confront the problems at hand. That is what a great portion Jamaican society has been running from, facing up to the issues presented by an unrelenting and rebellious offspring. That is the spirit of many of the young artistes coming out of these different places in the world, who are theorizing and postulating the identity of a culture through their own eyes. This is happening everywhere, even in the US with rapper like Schoolboy Q that have a very skewed neo-gangster perspective of the world. These youths are unwilling to remain quiet, they know what they want and though they might not have the firmest grips on who they are, they know who they are not and that is what society has been telling them all their lives.

So yes, the old heads are running out of time, and they cannot hide from the wounds they have been allowing to fester all this time. We speak of judgment in these times, but we really have no idea what is coming.



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