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Expressions of an observant frequency.

What is the I AM Vibration?

At first I thought this blog to be about truth. Truth being the end and the ultimate goal. For after all each man can claim truth. This blog instead is about the search for truth, the journey to truth. What is true of your existence? Is the driving question behind this collection of expressions. Then one might think, there are many truths, and one might be right. For freedom is true and so are alot of other things. But the itch in the soul, searches for the truest of all.

This domain is a spectrum of the expressions of a revolutionary mind in a shifting paradigm. It is not merely a blog, it is the entire concept of an experience. It is a continuum of a cerebral affair with reality and consciousness. A flowing epic of an identity seeking itself through observation. It is a discovery, an evolution and its happening in Jamaica. Enter the domain, listen to the sound as it vibrates.

Don’t forget to interact and share the energy. Give Thankhs 😀


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