Vibrating Floetry

The Heretic

As the lotus flower blooms atop my head I seek to perceive beyond the perception Underneath my soul Where all that Gold Lies, they told Molding our minds like Dough be the paramount Cash Rules Everything Around Me(cream)…. Money puts the fear of God in you Money puts the fear of God in you The […]

Jamaica’s Persisting Winter

Let that love keep you warm Tho that cold Freeze yuh toes Never mind the woes… Depart from the cold and bring me peace on a fig stick some tree of life ish No burning bushes, no bling bling No candy painted whips, no rose On my grave, don’t freeeze in this cold My friend… […]

Late Night Quatrain …. {Sidenote= Kulcha Fest this Thursday at UTech}

I wana be that rainbow in your clouds make you believe in yoself type of bright I wana be that elephant in the room, reality cheque to your account type of bright That wake up its time to be a change because tomorrow is today kind of bright I want to open the world to […]

Solemn Tuesday Nights

These are the tools of our escape on a tormented Tuesday Night You could always judge, or empathize But i will always synthesize and exercise Our truth is that you can never truly understand. And we require your respect, because if you understand then you can respect how unique the perspective of another living thing is… I […]

Useless Worry

There is no use in worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet. There is no use in worrying while you are facing something. There is no use in worrying about something that has already happened. There is no use in worrying.         My most recently constructed poem, i enjoyed creating it 🙂 , hope […]