I’ve been saying this for a while now, my analysis is usually just acknowledged as anti-tech jabber. But the truth is, for those who have these ideals of social media, it is making them ironically socially awkward instead of socially apt. Advertisements

Thought of the Day

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‘NCU Freezes Tuition Fees for Students in Upcoming School Year.’ -What About UTech?

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Read article here: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/NCU-freezes-tuition-for-new-school-year_14856516#ixzz2bm2WsNUm I..(and i do believe i speak for other students when I say this) would GREATLY appreciate if this was done on our behalf by UTech. I constantly question why we are always told that ‘education is the key’ and yet the price to even get…

Literacy is Dead

Guys, check this out >>> Literacy is Dead. It’s a very eye opening post by my friend Ornella 🙂

Mysterious Mistress

  I have visions    Of someone   Blue flashes   Green flashes   She flashes   Her light   And then puts it out   Like a master does his dog at nights   Her hair like wings   Elevating the crown of her head The seat of the soul Like a spaceship Pineal […]

*Slaps in the back of head* What’s with you guys? -__-

This dispute popped into my head recently and it bloomed into a very integral debate inside my own consciousness. It came revealing itself as this fact; whenever women stake claim to strength and power(which in most cultures is not her traditional role), she must provide evidence, list practical accolades that make her words true. Men […]

Writing in Jamaica? Foolish?

As a child there were very rare occasions when i disclosed my dream to become a writer, where i was not told it wouldn’t work in this country. Even now, I feel like i’m following breadcrumbs in the forest like hansel. In general not alot of people like to read. In Jamaica, well you can […]